Pursue strategic HR management

Strategic HR contributes to your business goals and is profitable. I will write a strategic business plan for your HR and will help you implement it.

Is your HR currently …

  • … a cost centre? A necessary evil that is costing your company an arm and a leg?
  • fragmented? With different HR management in every country or every department?
  • … merely reactive? Is your HR limited to administration, payroll and trade unions?

Time to make your HR a strategic business partner.

This is strategic HR management

Strategic HR contributes to your company’s goals. It is profitable, just like your R&D, marketing or sales. It also works efficiently through outsourcing where necessary.

How to achieve strategic HR

  1. A well-supported HR audit will show the gap between your current and strategic HR management. To do this, I will ask questions to your HR department and its internal customers.
  2. You will receive a strategic business plan for your HR that will tell you exactly which HR management you need to achieve your business strategy.
  3. Time for the implementation, which you will perform yourself. You can also use my service for training sessions, brochures and all the tools you need for strategic HR.

Paul has a unique gift to link HR and strategy to aspects of the company that are often neglected: culture (development), team setting, recruitment approach, compensation structures, retention, development and cost-efficient growth. – Johan Milliau

Without any grand theories, Paul lays down the cornerstones of clear and simple personnel management with a focus on engagement. – Geert Vanhuffel

Why use my services?

  • Innovative view | You discover the potential of your HR in the business plan. Which opportunities do you ignore? What will strategic HR management mean to your company?
  • Clear action plan | You will know precisely how you can adjust your HR management to your strategy. Work towards more efficiency and profitability step by step, and achieve your objectives.
Find out what I can contribute
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