Measure and develop potential

Are you recruiting talent? Looking for the right person in the right place? Do you want to make your people develop? Do not restrict yourself to competencies. Look ahead with potential assessment.

Potential assessment: when?

  • You are recruiting talent. You obviously want to know who is the best candidate with the required competencies and sufficient potential to grow.
  • You want to abandon the binary approach and answer the question: ‘What exactly is the potential of my employees?’ 
  • You are planning an M&A. This means that you are aiming for unity of command, with the right person in the right place. A potential assessment will show you who should be deployed where.
  • You want to develop your employees. You want to help them achieve their potential, so that they become (even) more profitable and stay motivated. Avoid the Peter principle.
  • You are engaging in succession planning. Do you have the candidates who can take on your strategic key roles tomorrow? Find out with this potential assessment.

Achieve long-term results

  1. Short term: understanding of competencies and potential + action plan to achieve this.
  2. Long term: motivated employees, more profitability and higher retention.

How I achieve these results? I outline the competencies and potential your employee has, in which areas they lie and what he or she needs to achieve this potential.

Paul offers extensive experience and the flexibility, efficiency and speed of someone who is new to the game. He always provides clear communication that pleasantly combines ethics and purpose. He coaches at precisely the right times, correctly and to the point. – Johan Milliau

None your run-of-the-mill testing and reports filled with scores. What you do get is a professional, interactive method to measure potential with recommendations for further development action. – Geert Vanhuffel

Why use my services?

  • Get a picture of tomorrow | Others measure competencies rather than potential. I work with Opus, which is based on research by Elliott Jaques and is unique in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.
  • Determine your strategy | Are you performing a potential assessment for various employees? We will discuss whether you have the talent you need to fill your strategic roles of tomorrow.
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