People-oriented change

You employees make or break your change. Align the people and the organisation, persuade every employee and take into account your culture to make your change successful.

The objective of change

Change goal
Your organisation will function optimally if it aligns strategy, structure and culture. A person will function optimally if his or her potential, competencies and values are in balance. Align both and your employees:

  • will achieve their potential and will contribute to the strategy
  • will know your corporate culture and will feel that it is consistent with their values
  • will notice that they have the right competencies for their role 

The result? Your company will achieve its strategic goals. That is the objective of change. But how do you shape this change?

Top-down and bottom-up

People do not like being changed, and yet we constantly evolve. Get your employees to change by persuading them of the added value. Change is individual!

I therefore announce change in top-down (collective) communication and implement it with a bottom-up (individual) approach. This means that everyone is engaged, your change is achieved faster and embedded in your company.

Objective + culture = approach

Change does not happen in a vacuum. Your corporate culture creates a climate and you should take that into account. Otherwise, your change process will fail.

There are many ways of achieving change, but for your company, there is only one: the approach that suits the objective of your change and your corporate culture. Otherwise your change will not be successful. No matter how complex your change is, I will find that approach and therefore maximise your chances of success.

Do you also want to put people in the centre of your change process, because you know that they are the ones who will make or break it? I will increase your EBITDA by 2 to 3% percentage points for: