Make your M&A add value

Do you want your M&A to be profitable? Do you want to ensure you achieve your strategic goals? Use my services to make your due diligence and post acquisition integration succeed. Get everyone on board and motivate your employees.

M&A: often a fiasco

You have acquired a company or you are planning to do so. You want your M&A to be profitable. You want to achieve your strategic goals. The problem? The success rate is only 43%. The majority of M&As do not ad value and some of them are reversed.

The key to your M&A?

Successful integration of your companies, with one strategy, organisation and culture. That is my responsibility: to ensure you achieve the strategic goals of your M&A.

Paul generates efficiency, speed and results through a unique HR approach in existing, structured companies and in M&A projects, young start-up businesses and companies undergoing major changes, always with discretion and confidentiality. – Johan Milliau

What you get

  1. M&A that is profitable. Based on your processes, I design an efficient, effective organisation with optimal synergies that allows you to maximise your EBITDA.
  2. A sense of belonging. I provide guidance for top-down communication and bottom-up achievements. I neutralise any resistance. That is how you get everyone on board.
  3. A unity of command. I design your organisation, I identify the roles and I put the right person in the right place. That is how you motivate your employees.
  4. Payroll consolidation. I ensure that all employees have the same employment conditions. To move in the same direction together, they need harmonised terms and conditions.

Why use my services?

  • Look beyond the legal and financial aspects. My HR due diligence reveals factors that would otherwise jeopardise your M&A. This is unique in Belgium.
  • Do not take any chances. Go for 35 years of experience in the field and 10 years of academic experience in change management and strategic HR management.
  • Get the solutions that work for you. Your business goals and culture will determine my M&A approach. Your people will be key.
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