Adjust your culture to your strategy

Are you planning an M&A or looking for competency management or a new culture? I will guide your culture change in a quick, simple and well-founded way to ensure you get to implement your strategy.

Culture change: when?

  • You are planning an M&A. The integration of 2 companies in terms of strategy, organisation and culture. Many M&As fail due to problems with culture changes.
  • You want to manage your competencies. This only works if you base your core competencies on your corporate culture and adjust them to your strategy.
  • You want to manage your change process efficiently and successfully, with the right approach, clear communication and support from your employees.
  • You are reorienting your culture, from a people-oriented culture to a performance-oriented culture, for example. Or perhaps you need more innovation in your business? Culture change is the key.

Achieve these results

  • M&A: an integrated corporate culture that helps you achieve your goals.
  • Competency management: a competency grid in line with your culture and strategy.
  • Culture reorientation: a new culture supported by your employees.

My approach? I measure your current and desired culture with Focus surveys, draft an action plan and guide the culture change until you achieve your goal.

Paul has no preconceived idea or standard plan. He settles into the business fast and adjusts his approach to the reality in the field, successfully: everyone was on board for our project. – Jacques Fackeure, Arjo Wiggins

What you can count on

  1. Achieve your strategy. Culture change in itself is meaningless. I identify the culture you need to achieve your business goals.
  2. Continue on your own. You will receive a cultural compass you can use to see how every decision fits in your corporate culture. This means that I render myself redundant.

Why choose me?

  • Well-founded | I have been the facilitator of the proven Quinn model for 10 years.
  • Simple | From manual worker to the management: they will be on board and making their contribution within 5 minutes.
  • Fast | After one week you will have a picture of your existing and desired culture.
  • A comprehensive solution | I work with my partner ACS for IT support.
Find out what I can contribute
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